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Our Services include:  (if you don’t see what you need just need to ask!)

  • Custom Clubs – including full sets, or individual clubs.
  • Spine Alignment – Align Shaft in Club head for optimum performance
  • Moment Of Inertia  (MOI build using specialized equipment
  • True Length Technology (TLT)- Retro Fit or new build! (fitting Required)
  • True Frequency Technology™ (TFT) The latest in frequency matching!
  • Single Length Golf Clubs (SLG) One Length for all irons, learn one setup for all clubs.
  • Lie and Loft AdjustmentsProper Loft and Lie required for distance and directional control
  • Re Gripping – We have several grips in stock including SuperStroke, and have access to most grips on the market today.
  • Golf Club Repairs  Full sets or individual clubs. We have most replacement shafts available to us or we can substitute with one that will perform the same for you. We have True Temper, Apollo, KBS, Aldila, Enzo and many more shafts in stock. Ask us for a quote!

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with any questions that you may have.


What our customers have been saying…..

Jim just reshafted my G15. Turnaround was less than 24 hours. Simply perfect! Thanks again Jim.

James TGN’r

Yesterday I had a chance to really test out the shafts on a course. very pleased by the performance.

Caddishack TGN’r

Love the chuks!!. was down at pinehurst a couple of weeks ago (in winter form..hadn’t played in a couple of weeks)..played 108 holes..”missed” 4 fairways total.. 3 of those were a combined 15 yards off. One was just a horrible swing but ended up nicely on next fairway but had a shot in, made a …

Exile -TGN’r

I’ve been gaming the NUNCHUK since Thanksgiving weekend and after a few rounds and a couple of set up adjustments I’m now hitting my driver more consistent then ever before.


Well, holy cow. Played Bushwood on Sunday and even as I though ‘The chuk can’t get any better for me it did. The deeper face, and the added loft was a sight to see. Playing parters remarked – ‘How the hell did you do that,

Wilson On Nunchuks

They’ve played great so far.  As you mentioned, the wedges took a while to get used to (and I’m still alternating between standard length wedges and TLT wedges). I have been practicing in an indoor facility this winter and really noticing consistency across the board.


Thank you very much Jim. It was a pleasure dealing with you and I will definitely be back

Hammy -TGN’r

Keepers Jim, they’re already here, and they are beautiful.    Look great, nice sized heads, not shiny, shafts and grips, all perfect.    Suit my eye nicely, smooth swingers.    Will definitely make the thirty mile trip to the only open golf course in our area tomorrow.    Super job Jim!!

John Sterling SL

Jim, you built me a fine set of golf clubs.   They look good, feel good, have great feel, flight and trajectory. I like the ping with the mid-irons too.  Working some kinks out with wedge play.   I feel very confident playing the set.   Thank you for a job well done.   Sincerely …

John Elliot Lake

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1 A- 2175 Dunwin Drive
Mississauga, On L5L 1X2
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General Information: sales@konagolfsales.com

Please call before visiting us as we are often off site.

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