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We have now added the new Pinhawk SLH Hybrids to the order form.

First select your base set by desired club length.  CHECK HERE

Then add any additional same length golf clubs that you would like to order. Choose our Standard Steel or Standard Graphite shafts and choose your desired flex. Upgrades for both are available… To Make special request please CONTACT US with any questions that you may have. Call to purchase heads only .


R/H 4 Hybrid ($80/$95) PH4h

R/H 5 Hybrid ($80/$95) PH5h

R/H 6 Hybrid ($80/$95) PH6h

R/H 5i-PW SLH Hybrid Set 36.5 inches($480 / $570 ) PSLH5-PWSET65

R/H 5i-PW SLH Hybrid Set 37.0 inches($480 / $570 ) PSLH5-PWSET65

R/H AW Hybrid ($80/$95) PHGSLH

R/H SW Hybrid ($80/$95) PHSWSLHh

R/H 4 iron ($69/$85) PH4i

R/H 5i-PW 36.5 inches($409 / $509 ) PH5-PWSET65

R/H 5i-PW 37 Inches($409 / $509 ) PH5-PWSET70

R/H Gap Wedge ($69/$85) PHGW

R/H Sand Wedge ($69/$85) PHSW

R/H Lob Wedge ($69/$85) PHLW

Choose Prosoft Inserts ($40 set of 8 /$5 each) PSI

Choose your Flex ($0) Flex

Please note:

All Prices are quoted in Canadian Dollars.   Tax is based on Ontario HST @ 13%.  Shipping is based on base rate + Insurance.

If your shipping rate requires an adjustment…..

Should your rate be lower a credit will be issued once final invoice is created. Should your rate be higher, (ie PEI or NS) you will be contacted prior to shipping to collect any short fall.

Once your Payment  is processed, you will be contacted to confirm your set specifications, as well as anticipated delivery. Your set will be custom built for you once order is received.

If you prefer another method of payment please contact us. Credit Card (in person) and EMT also accepted.


Please CONTACT US with any questions that you may have.

1 A- 2175 Dunwin Drive Mississauga, On L5L 1X2 905-608-2068

1 A- 2175 Dunwin Drive
Mississauga, On L5L 1X2

Please call before visiting us as we are often off site.



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