Single Length or True Length Technology

Single Length or True Length Technology

Either Single Length or True Length Technology™ method may be the right choice for you, but neither would be wrong!

Here’s what to expect!

  • More on center hits
  • Less fat shots
  • Less thin shots
  • Improved feel and play-ability
  • Final result – More Consistency and Improved scoring.


We have promoted True Length Technology™ for many years and promoted the importance of the proper shaft length for each golfer . We also promote the single length or one length golf club method as well.

Most important is to be fit properly for length as length is the most important fitting parameter for any golf club set . Every golfer has a unique athletic stance. We fit each golfer for proper length using our True Length Technology™ fitting process.

If you are comfortable playing golf with traditional clubs, True Length Technology™ would be our recommendation. These sets are built for you using mathematically correct length, lie, and loft for each club. The length, Loft and lie for each club is different based on our fitting charts, but custom fit for your athletic stance. TLT builds will provide you with the same feel with each of your irons and help you develop more consistency in your game.

These sets use traditional heads at traditional head weights giving you many head designs to choose from, including all the major brands.

If you are having difficulty with your game, having trouble with ball position , distance from the ball etc. and looking for a simpler way to play golf then Single Length Irons would be our recommendation.

As previously mentioned, proper length for your athletic stance is the key fitting parameter . Once we have the proper length for you, each club is built exactly the same. Now you have only one setup to learn. Again this leads to more consistency and is much simpler to learn.

Single Length Irons are special heads built to the same weight, and lie angle. There Are limited choices on SL heads. We feature PinHawk SL  iron heads.

Both methods are built to a mathematically correct length for your stance , using quality components, assembled, and then specifications are checked using precision measuring equipment.

For the complete True Length Technology™  story visit the inventor at
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