Single Length Fairway Woods

Coming Soon From Pinhawk Golf

Pinhawk Single length Golf



I have Just played several rounds with pre release Pinhawk Single Length Fairway Woods.

I built these to the recommended length of 41.5 inches.

A 3 wood, 5 wood and 7 wood.  All headweight at 222 grms

They feature a shallow face design with an attractive high gloss black paint finish. Very is to hit, one setup for all 3 single length fairway woods, really not much different than the Single Length irons.

Performance as good  or better than my regular Fairway Woods. Even at the same length,  I found distances to be the same as my previous clubs.

The real difference for me was that the set up was easier, and the clubs more consistence.

The Pinhawk Single Length Fairway Woods are the latest addition to the Pinhawk lineup. Since our irons and hybirds have been so popular, there was a demand from our customers to produce single length fairway woods. The concept here is the same, all 3 woods (the 3, 5 and 7) are all designed to be used at the same length (41 1/2″ standard). This allows for just ONE fairway wood swing and all 3 are easy to hit, even the 3 wood!

Look forward to these being available real soon!

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