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Rising Popularity of Single Length Golf Irons in Canada

Rising Popularity of Single Length Golf Irons in Canada

In the recent times, the curiosity around the single length golf irons theory has grown dramatically, thanks to the publicity of amateur golfer Bryson deChambeau’s victories in both the U.S.A National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) and US Amateur championships in 2015 using a single length set of irons. For a little more on Bryson, you can see a USGA article here, a picture of his clubs here, and a video that talks about his single length irons here.

Single Length Golf Irons in Canada


What are Single Length Golf Irons?

Even if you are an avid golfer, you may not know the difference between a standard set of golf clubs and single length golf clubs. A traditional set of irons has different, head weights, club lengths, lie angles and lofts. With each club you change your grip stance and ball position on each and ever shot.  It is a lot to remember and a lot can go wrong.

Single length golf irons, such as Pinhawk SL and Sterling Irons are built to the same length, usually a 7 iron or 8 iron length. The length, head weight and lie angles are constant throughout the irons.

A single-length set of clubs allows a golfer to use the same stance, posture, ball position and swing with each iron. This results in simplicity and consistency.

You may also want to check out some press we’ve been getting from this article in Golf Digest and this article from the LA Times.

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