Improve your golf game with Single Length Irons

Okay, another season is behind us and you are disappointed with your golf game or your golf clubs?
If you are reading this post you must have heard about Single Length Irons. You are probably wondering if Single length irons will improve your game.  
If you are looking for any of the following you should be looking at Single Length Golf Clubs.

  • Hit all your irons straight?
  • Have one set up with every iron?
  • Swing every iron as if it were your 8 iron?
  • Have more on center hits?
  • Fewer thin or fat shots?
  • Have more fun playing golf….


Here’s what to expect with Single Length Golf Clubs!

  • Identical feel from iron to iron
  • Identical function from iron to iron enhancing length, distance and dispersion control
  • Identical setup from iron to iron.
  • Identical swing from iron to iron
  • Identical ball position from iron to iron
  • Identical stance from iron to iron
  • More on center hits
  • Less fat shots
  • Less thin shots
  • Improved feel and play-ability
  • Final result – More Consistency and Improved scoring
  • Most important – More fun and easier golf!


Just point and shoot – That’s Golf Simplification 101!

Which is easier golf ? You Decide!

We offer custom built single length golf clubs for both left hand and right hand golfers. we offer Pinhawk SL irons, hybrids and fairway woods, Sterling Irons and I-Win irons. We also offer Single length golf Components. 
Feel free to give us a call or contact us for more information  on a custom built set of single length golf clubs. Custom Built to your specs right here in Canada


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