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New Golf Clubs or New Golf Shafts

We are often asked “New Golf Clubs or new golf shafts”

If you like your current golf clubs but feel that the shafts no longer fit, new golf shafts are usually an affordable way to improve both the fit and performance of your golf clubs. A certified clubmaker or club fitter can help you with your correct choice. Professional help is always the best.

There are several things to consider when you are about to change the shafts in your golf clubs. They are the length, the flex (stiffness of the shafts) and the materials that they are made of. You should choose shafts that are based on your age, physical stature, your swing speed (if you know it). If you choose the right new golf shafts, you will soon see your game improve and your love of the game strengthen.

Factor in such things as your height, the length of your arms and your wrist to floor measurement, to determine the length of your shafts. As an example, you may be tall but you also have long arms, so you may not need longer shafts. Also, if you tend to grip down on all of your golf shots, you might consider shortening your shafts slightly. After consulting a shaft length chart (or talk to us), make final adjustments based on your style of play and your height.

Choose the proper flex; there are many choices for both graphite and steel shafts. They are Ladies, Seniors, Regular, Stiff and Extra-stiff. There are also considerations for ball flight you desire. Discuss this with a fitter, and I am sure they are willing to help you. If you don’t have the help of a professional club fitter, you can determine which flex you should have by how far your drives carry in the air. For example, if you hit the ball only 175 to 200 yards, you should have either Ladies or Seniors shafts because they bend more and will help you swing a bit faster. However, if you hit the ball 250 to 275 yards, perhaps you should choose Regular or Stiff shafts because they bend less.  For really fast swing speeds or swing tempos, extra stiff may be a consideration.

Consider whether you should have new golf shafts made of graphite or steel. Steel shafts are can be less expensive but they are heavier, making them more difficult for people with slow swing speeds. Choose graphite shafts because, being lighter, they are easier to swing faster; this will translate into greater distance. Graphite shafts are “Joint Friendly” as they tend to absorb the vibration of ball contact. 

Understand that all your golf clubs do not have to be either graphite or steel. In fact, they should vary depending on how you hit a particular club and what you are trying to do with it. For example, you could have graphite shafts in your driver and hybrid clubs to give you greater distance, and steel shafts in your irons to improve your feel. Your choice of either type is a matter of personal choice. we would be happy to help you determine which new golf shafts would be best for you.

We offer many shaft options including True Temper, Grafalloy, Project X, Swing Science, Nunchuk, Aldila, Enzo to name a few. We have shafts to fit almost any budget. We can sell you your new golf shafts or as a certified clubmaker, do the complete golf shaft change for you.  

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