Pinhawk Single length Golf Clubs

Improve your game with Pinhawk Single Length Golf Clubs

Looking for more consistency from your iron game? You need to seriously consider the Pinhawk SL single length irons! They are extremely popular for a reason.

What exactly is the difference between a “regular” iron set and a set of Pinhawk SL Single Length irons? Well, as you probably know, a conventional iron set has ½” length increments between each club. This forces the player to “learn” many different swings throughout the iron set, and ball striking consistency can be an issue. The Pinhawk SL irons are a solution to that problem. The SL’s are all the same length throughout the entire set. In addition, the swingweight and flex are also the same. This allows the golfer to use the same swing, on the same plane, with the same feel, for each iron in the set.

The Pinhawk SL’s not only are all the same length, but they also feature the very latest in iron technology. They incorporate a game improvement design without looking “clunky”, and they have extreme perimeter weighting and a true deep undercut for the ultimate in forgiveness.  And despite having a game improvement design, the SL’s have a very manageable sole width, and a low (3 mm) offset on each iron.

The loft gapping is slightly larger than traditional irons; this is to maintain a proper distance gap between clubs. You will find that your distances will be very similar to a “conventional” set of irons (studies have proven that, along with “real world” play).

Our suggested length for the Pinhawk SL’s is 37”, which is a typical 7 iron length. We can also build them for you as long as 38” (a normal 5 iron length), or as short as 36 ½” (a normal 8 iron length).  Our club builders are experts on this concept and have the accredited skills to build a well balanced set of irons at any of these lengths.


Frequently Asked Questions:


Are they USGA legal?

Yes. They are listed as conforming irons on the USGA Informational Club Database, listed under Pinhawk, right after Ping.

What handicap are they good for?

All handicaps. We’ve had success with these irons from hackers all the way to single digit players. They help with consistency, and any golfer can use that.

Is there a Single Length Hybrid Available?

Yes, we offer a full set of Pinhawk Single length Hybrid golf clubs, (Right hand only) from 4 hybrid to sand wedge. A 4 hybrid is available for left hand golfers. 

Can I buy a mixed set of Irons and hybrids?

Yes. Since the Pinhawk SLH hybrids are the same loft and same weight as the Pinhawk SL irons, you can mix and match away your desire.

 How about Fairway Woods?

Yes, we offer Pinhawk SLF single length Fairway Woods as well. These are built to 41.5 ” long.  We have found that this allows your to use the same setup as your irons. The only diffeence is a slightly wider stance and naturally a couple of inches further from the ball.



Single Length Irons
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