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Congratulations Bryson DeChambeau – He Wins Again and Again

The field at the Northern Trust Open were out gunned on Sunday by Bryson Dechambeau and his bag full of single length irons.  That is 3 PGA wins using his unconventional one length irons.

The single length irons are all about developing consistency. By being all the same length, lie, balance and weight as a 7-iron, there is no need to change your posture, stance or ball position so you only have one thought process for every swing with your irons and wedges. Game improvement features include enhanced perimeter weighting by focusing weight where it is needed for golfers to experience a more solid feel and with precision accuracy. 

Single length irons work for Bryson. Is it time for you to consider Single Length Golf Clubs?

Here’s what to expect with Single Length Golf Clubs!

  • Identical feel from iron to iron
  • Identical function from iron to iron enhancing length, distance and dispersion control
  • Identical setup from iron to iron.
  • Identical swing from iron to iron
  • Identical ball position from iron to iron
  • Identical stance from iron to iron
  • More on center hits
  • Fewer fat shots
  • Fewer thin shots
  • Improved feel and play-ability
  • Final result – More Consistency and Improved scoring
  • Most important – More fun and easier golf!


Just point and shoot – That’s Golf Simplification 101!

We offer custom built Sterling Irons, Custom Built Pinhawk irons, Single Length Hybrids, and single length fairway woods. We also sell customized Orlimar pre built one length irons.

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If you’re skeptical about the concept, golf phenom Bryson Dechambeau adds some credibility. He won the 2015 NCAA Individual Championship and the 2015 U.S. Amateur Championship with a set of custom single-length irons, introducing the idea to the masses. Since joining the ranks on the PGA tour, he has won 5 PGA events to date including the first and second playoff events to take the lead in the Fedex Cup 2018 Championship.

See Dechambeau’s WITB here.

the above is taken from a recent Golf Monthly article

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