WISHON EQ-1 Single Length Irons

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EQ1-NX Single Length Golf Clubs

Tom Wishon has been recognised as one of the industry leaders in the research of golf club and shaft design and clubfitting performance technology for more than 25 years of his 35 years in the golf equipment industry.

During the course of his 33 years in clubhead design, Tom Wishon has designed over 350 original and innovative clubhead models, which include more than 50 different golf clubs and shaft design technology firsts – more than any single person in the 500 year history of the game. He has also written ten books and hundreds of technical articles to advance the understanding of golf club performance and fitting. Tom’s books are also a key part of the training curriculum for membership in numerous European PA organisations.

Wishon’s new single length iron design concept EQ1-NX offers same length and high COR low loft iron characteristics while adding many new performance enhancing features to mark a definite step forward in game improvement iron design.

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  • Original designs by Wishon Golf
  • EQ1-NX from Wishon Golf
  • EQ1-NX from Wishon Golf
  • EQ1-NX from Wishon Golf
  • Wishon EQ1-NX
  • EQ1-NX from Wishon Golf
  • EQ!-NX Single Length

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