Pinhawk Single Length Fairway

Time to Upgrade to Single Length Fairway Woods

If you are playing with Single Length Irons, it may be time to upgrade to Single Length Fairway woods as well!

Single Length Fairway Woods

The Pinhawk Fairway Woods (Pinhawk SLF) were designed especially for single length players to complement the Single Length Irons or Hybrids. All four fairway woods are to be played at the same length (41 1/2 inches is standard – but you can choose other lengths).

As is true with the Pinhawk irons and hybrids, consistency is what will improve in your game. We believe you will find these woods to be truly point-and-shoot! You’ll find the low center of gravity gets the ball up quickly and easily with a perfect trajectory.

Testing has proven the loft gapping on these to be a perfect 4 degrees between clubs. Anything under that would simply not be enough, it compresses your distances, and just doesn’t make design sense. These are tooled SPECIFICALLY for single length. Other companies may jump on this bandwagon and try to slap a badge on a foundry model that is the typical 3 degrees separation between clubs (regular fairways basically) – don’t fall for it. Again, these are designed and tooled the right way!

Fine-tuned perimeter weighting also gives these woods maximum forgiveness. Your ball position stays the same, your stance stays the same, and your spine angle stays the same. Same proven single-length technology, with the same swing on the same plane, with the same feel for each fairway wood. Now you can have not only more consistency in your iron play, but also more consistency in your fairway wood play.

The bottom line result for golfers of all skill levels will be an increase in consistent ball striking and accuracy. This is a common sense approach to play your best golf. And to put your mind at ease if it’s important to you, the USGA has ruled that the Pinhawk SLF Fairway Woods conform to the rules of golf, and you can see that here.

Why Upgrade to One Length Fairway Woods?

  • One Setup (same as your SL Irons)
  • One Swing (same as your SL irons)
  • One Ball position**
  • One Swing thought
  • True Distance Gapping
  • Easier Golf

** Same setup as your irons, with just a touch wider stance…


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