Single Length Golf Clubs For everyone!

What is Single Length?

The single-length philosophy is that golfers can concentrate on just one swing, not a different swing for each iron or wedge.

What is the difference between a “regular” iron set and a set of single length irons?

Conventional irons use graduated lengths and head weights. That means that you are forced to adjust to each iron, distance from the ball, as well as ball position in stance on each and every iron in your bag. This can be very confusing for the average golfer, and extremely confusing for a beginner!

Easier Golf with Single Length

The single length golf irons are the same length through the 4-Lob wedge set (or any combination you choose). This allows the golfer to learn one setup for your irons, develop the same swing, on the same plane, same ball position for each iron. This helps to quickly develop consistency throughout the set.

At Kona Golf Sales, We specialize in single length irons, hybrids and fairway woods. We Feature One Length irons from Pinhawk Golf, Wishon Golf and Integra Golf. As a CERTIFIED Clubmaker, we have the knowledge and equipment to build your custom set of single length irons.

What to Expect From Single Length Irons

  • Identical feel from iron to iron
  • Identical function from iron to iron enhancing length, distance and dispersion control
  • Identical setup from iron to iron.
  • The same swing from iron to iron
  • Identical ball position from iron to iron
  • The Same stance from iron to iron
  • More on center hits
  • Fewer fat shots
  • Fewer thin shots
  • Improved feel and play-ability
  • Final result – More Consistency and Improved scoring
  • Most important – More fun and easier golf!

At Kona Golf Sales we have Single Length Golf Clubs For everyone! We build single length irons, hybrids and fairway woods. We can also offer you a driver to complete your set.

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