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Why pay $499 for a Driver?



Krank Golf® designs golf drivers based on pure performance. Reading a book on how to design and manufacture high performance golf drivers has never been our approach. From day one we have developed golf drivers with one goal in mind, to create the best of the best. Over the past 10 years we have defined and redefined what makes a golf driver perform. We have done this in the most extreme environment of Long Drive Golf. In no other way could we have learned what we know today. We know for a fact that pure distance and accuracy is a combination of many things. There is no single factor that generates exorbitant distance and accuracy. Finding the magic is understanding how they all work together. Many companies claim they have the longest hitting golf drivers in the world, but only Krank Golf® can prove it. Krank Golf® has discovered the combination needed to win many World Championships. His is a list of what is important to us. How they all work together is our secret.

  • Metal type
  • Face shape
  • Metal hardness
  • Interior face milling
  • Body rigidity
  • Face Thickness
  • Hosel positioning and depth
  • Face Bulge and Roll
  • Weight distribution
  • Welding method







Why pay $499 for a Driver?

We have the following lofts in stock ready to build and ship.

Right Hand only

7.5 degrees

10.5  degrees

12  degrees

Choice of Shaft flex, weight etc,

Free shipping to Canada and USA lower 48

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We also have the Krank Golf  Rage Black  available!


The New Rage Black Driver is engineered for pure speed and stability.

The evolution of Krank Golf® Drivers is based on exceeding what others think is possible and setting completely new standards in pure driver performance. With 5 RE/Max World Long Drive Championships and more official Long Drive event wins than any golf driver company in history, Krank Golf® has learned a few things about Driver Performance along the way. Improving on the 3 time RE/MAX World Long Drive Champion original Rage Driver is no easy feat. We refuse to just release another driver for sake of having a new driver on the market. There must be an improvement. The New Rage Black Driver with the new Tri Forged Hyper Ti Beta Face is lighter, faster and stronger than the Original Rage Driver and completely sets a new standard for Ball Speed, Spin Control, Accuracy and Durability.

What makes Krank Golf® Drivers the best in the World? Simply put, we control our metals better than any other golf company. We also know what metals to use to create the highest performing Golf Drivers. Is it a secret, absolutely! We engineer outside the traditional status quo exploring alternative manufacturing methods not used by anyone else in the world. We are passionate about what we do and it shows on the Tee Box and on the Grid. The New Rage Black Driver is the best Driver in the world today. See you on the Tee Box. Krank Golf®




We have 9 Degree and 12 degree Lofts in Right Hand Only

Custom Built for you

Only $229 USD


 We will build a Krank Rage Black  Driver for you!

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I an looking to get a krank formula 5 driver I was wondering if you sell them still I would like to get a 7.5 degree loft and a 48″ stiff shaft
Let me know if you have them and prices

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