Congrats To Geek Golf


MESQUITE, NEVADA (October 18, 2012) – Swedish long drive star Sandra Carlborg earned her second straight RE/MAX world title with a record-setting 339-yard blast today at the 2012 RE/MAX World Long Drive Championship using the all new GEEK Golf “NO BRAINER” Diver head.

Sandra ‘The Great’ Carlborg defending her title as World Champion: Sandra put on a LD clinic in the Finals. Her worst ball would have won…but, more impressively, had that grid been 20 yards wide she would have still hit all 6 in the grid! She also set the World Record at 339 yards previously held by Nancy Abiecunas.


Joining Carlborg on the podium at Mesquite Sports and Event Complex Fellow Geekster Eric Jones in the Super Seniors (50+) Division., Also wielding the No Brainer!  Eric had a record drive of 388 yards!

This was most probably the most exciting match because of the dramatic finish. Eric was leading at 363 for 5 balls when Mike B. digs DEEP into his soul and comes up with a pressure packed 366 on his last ball. Eric has one more ball and also digs deep to come up with a 369 on his last ball. Absolutely amazing finish!

Most Honorable performance by Steve Clemmons – 2nd Place Legends Division with the No Brainer!


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