Custom Golf Clubs Made to Order


Custom Built Golf Clubs made to order by Certified Club Maker

Each custom built golf club is handcrafted to meet your requirements. 



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Wishon Sterling Irons™  Single Length


Sterling Iron Custom Built Golf Club

Available from 5 iron thru Sand Wedge

Pinhawk SL Single Length


pinhawk-sl-single-length Custom Built Golf Club

Available from 4 iron thru Lob Wedge

ACER XDS Hybrid Set


xds2 Custom Built Golf Club

Available from 3 iron thru Sand Wedge

Dynacraft Prophet Iron Set


prophet_cb_iron Custom Built Golf Club

Available from 4 iron thru Sand Wedge

More options to choose from


Take control of your game. Components give you the advantage of constructing a custom built golf club that works with your individual swing. Mixing and matching component parts creates the total compliment of clubs to support your game. By selecting lofts and club lie angles that work with you, the technology gains the added distance on the golf course. Need spin? No spin? Lower center of gravity or higher? More length from heel to toe, or less surface area? Heavier club? Lighter club? Drivers? Fairway Woods? Irons? At KGS-you can have it anyway you like it.


Our Standard build includes the following:

Frequency match shafts

Proper  Alignment of shaft and head

Quality assembly by certified club maker

Check and adjust swing weight (MOI optional)

Check and adjust loft and lie

Installation of quality grips


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