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Dynacraft Prophet Muscle Blade


The Dynacraft Prophet Muscle Blade is all about extremes yet in a design where all the technology is hidden. First, this is a hollow-bodied design to move weight to the perimeters for exceptional forgiveness much like a hybrid. However, this multi-material design key feature is an ultra-thin, high-strength cup face to boost ball speed and maximum your distance. The weight saved in the face is positioned low and rearward for optimal launch conditions. Yet with all this technology this design maintains a traditional appearance and feel in an ultra-game improvement design for golfers of all abilities.

  • Dynacraft Muscle Blade Toe Dynacraft Muscle Blade Toe
  • Dynacraft Muscle Blade face Dynacraft Muscle Blade face
  • Dynacraft Muscle Blade Top Line Dynacraft Muscle Blade Top Line
  • Dynacraft Muscle Blade Cut a Way Dynacraft Muscle Blade Cut a Way
  • Dynacraft Muscle Blade Dynacraft Muscle Blade


Dynacraft Prophet Muscle Blade Specs:

Model # Hand Club Loft Lie Weight Offset Bounce Std Clublength Hosel ID
IH3732B-004 RH #4 21° 61 d 249 3.2 mm 3 d 38.5 in 0.370″
IH3732B-005 RH #5 24° 61.5 d 256 2.9 mm 4 d 38 in 0.370″
IH3732B-006 RH #6 27° 62 d 263 2.6 mm 5 d 37.5 in 0.370″
IH3732B-007 RH #7 31° 62.5 d 270 2.3 mm 6 d 37 in 0.370″
IH3732B-008 RH #8 35° 63 d 277 2.0 mm 7 d 36.5 in 0.370″
IH3732B-009 RH #9 40° 63.5 d 284 1.7 mm 8 d 36 in 0.370″
IH3732B-10P RH PW 45° 64 d 291 1.4 mm 9 d 35.5 in 0.370″
IH3732B-15A RH GW 50° 64 d 291 1.4 mm 10 d 35.5 in 0.370″



We can custom build a set for you.

Our certified club maker will build you a custom set of Dynacraft Prophet Muscle Blade Heads mounted on a high quality stock graphite or steel golf shafts. Our build includes frequency matched golf shafts properly aligned in your Dynacraft Prophet Muscle Blade Heads. This will ensure that your will have the most forgiving and accurate irons available.

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