EQ1-NX Hybrids

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The EQ1-NX Hybrids represent the most unique and versatile hybrid design ever created. Through a greatly expanded internal weight addition, offers the capability to allow custom assembly to match single length irons. Can also be played at conventional hybrid length.   


  • Each EQ-1-NX hybrid head is produced with the ability to add up to a maximum of 30g to achieve normal swingweights at 8-iron single length to match the EQ1-NX single length irons
  • Natural head weight specification of each EQ1-NX hybrid head also allows assembly to conventional hybrid lengths of #4(38”-39”), #5(37.5”-38.5”), #6(37”-38”).  Any length in between 8-iron and conventional hybrid lengths is also capable for an even wider range of fitting options
  • High strength steel, thin variable thickness face, high COR design.  0.335” bore to accept any S2S Hybrid shaft.  Though the EQ1-NX hybrid heads can be reamed to accept any 0.370” iron shaft, we recommend using an appropriate S2S graphite hybrid shaft when matching the EQ1-NX hybrids to the EQ1-NX irons in a full single length set makeup
  • Available in #4(20*), #5(24*), #6(28*) in RH to match the lofts and loft gaps of the EQ1-NX irons 
  • The four different weight bores allow for maintaining the best CG position low and center located, as well as to be able to increase the trajectory with the new twin rear sole weight bores 
  • Each EQ1-NX Hybrid is shipped with 2 x 6g and 2 x 9g weights included to make it more economical when building to match the EQ1 single length irons
  • Spec lie angle for each EQ1-NX hybrid is 63° to match the EQ1-NX single length irons.  EQ1-NX Hybrids are capable of being bent up to 3° to allow proper lie fitting when assembled to conventional hybrid lengths
EQ1-NX Single Length Hybrid Specs
EQ1 - NX

We anticipate Mid June arrival.

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