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Floyd the Driver is Here!

Floyd banner

The Floyd has a perimeter progressive recessed soleplate (Floyd logo area) to promote more ‘heel/toe’ weighting for off center hits. Very high MOI. The soleplate design area will also promote a slightly lower trajectory and lower spin. But, the main reason for the design was to help, considerably, in off-center hits. In other words…more forgiveness! On the looks department pics do not do it justice…this thing is gorgeous in person!


Volume: 460cc

Lofts: 7.5* 9* 10.5* 12*

Face Height 61mm

R&B 10X10 +1-1 FA 0 +1/2-1/2

Head Weight 200 gram +2-2

LA 59 +1-1

TiCN finish Mirror/Buff. Crown/skirt shiny black over TiCN Buff sole indentation area.

floyd the driver

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