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Only a couple of demos left

Assembled Driver

Only $109 or Head only $50 (plus S&H) 



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Geek's Forgiving Failsafe 3 Driver

Failsafe Specs:

Lie Angle:  58

F/A: +/- -.5*

Weight:  198     

Material: Face Beta Titanium

Body:  90% 6AL/4V

Volume: 460cc

Here’s info on the latest re-design of the FAIL SAFE Series of Drivers by Steve Almo, the designer. 

“I am very pleased with the Fail Safe 3… I have made several structural design changes and I have achieved the ‘perfect sound’ for this Beast! This will appeal to higher handicappers and very good players as well! This club sets up at the address position.. PERFECT! I am quite pleased with the new Fail Safe 3 and with the DOT COM THIS have finally completed the Geek stable of the 2 Drivers that will rival any Major Golf Company in quality and performance….. The Fail Safe 3 and Dot Com This, you will agree, will put all those Major Brand Drivers into your garage where they belong…the reason? They have been Geeked!”

The paint is metallic black and the head is finished in a dark TICN coating.

 10.5* and 12 degree. Right Hand Only at this time  DEMO Slightly USED



A FREE GEEK GOLF head cover is included – featuring a dual-magnetic drop down flap (patent pending) for easy access to your GEEK GOLF Driver!

Suggested Retail $169 CDN


1 A- 2175 Dunwin Drive Mississauga, On L5L 1X2 905-608-2068

1 A- 2175 Dunwin Drive

Mississauga, On L5L 1X2

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Failsafe 3 Head Only($89 USD) [wp_cart:FS3:price:[Loft|9 degree,89]:end]
Failsafe 3 Driver DEMO 10.5 ($109 USD) [wp_cart:FS3 driver:price:[Loft|10.5 degree,109]:end]

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