Integra Drivers, Hybrids and Fairway Metals

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About Integra Golf

KGS is pleased to offer Integra golf components as an affordable option for high quality golf clubs.
As one of the worlds largest component manufacturers, Integra is able to offer products that are somewhat similar to the big brand name companies but at a fraction of the cost.

TSC Enterprise, formerly known as Trophy Sports, works hard to manufacture and distribute quality golf components, golf sets, and golf accessories. These
products are under the brand Integra, which has a rich history spanning decades of providing excellent golf products to golf components wholesale companies. The Integra name is already among the best and most reliable golf manufacturers in the world.

The Integra golf line includes Integra Drivers, Integra Fairway Woods, Integra Hybrids, Integra Irons, Integra Putters, Integra Wedges and Integra golf Shafts.


Integra Drivers, Hybrids and Fairway Metals



The Integra Hybrid iron set is designed with the technology of both an iron and fairway wood, resulting in a unique design with unbelievable performance.  We have found the playability much easier than traditional irons, with a gain on distance and accuracy.

The I Drive Hybrid Utility Iron features a shallow head design that moves the center of gravity lower and farther behind the face to promote a higher launch angle so you can play the long shot out of a bad lie as accurately as a short shot from the fairway.

If shot making from your current irons has become too difficult, the Integra I-Drive hybrids will help you save strokes and increase your confidence.

Whether you are looking for a full set of hybrids or only 1, consider iDRIVE by INTEGRA



CLUB 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 PW SW
LOFT 19° 22° 25° 28° 31° 34° 37° 40° 43°
LIE 58° 58.5° 59° 59.5° 60° 60.5° 61° 61.5° 62°
GRAMS 230 237 244 251 258 265 272 279 286
Material:  Stainless Steel Hosel Diameter: .370
Finish: Black Ferrule: Required

Right and Left Hand Available!

Retail Only $30 c/w Head Cover

Available Now from INTEGRA




AVAILABLE IN 9.5,10.5 AND 12.0 DEG 

The Integra Quadratic IV  features a large profile with an extended face and bullet shaped crown, producing a higher moment-of-inertia. The Higher MOI allows for greater forgiveness, greater stability and increased ball velocity resulting in longer and more accurate shots.  We refer to the Quad IV as a confidence booster!

Right Hand Only

 Beta Ti Face

Long and Forgiving!

Retail Only $99 C/W Head Cover

This Puppy is Long and Straight!

that’s all I can say!

Affordable Titanium 420cc Driver Head.
Titanium Body And Face With a Light Carbon Fiber Molded Crown

The SoooLong Graph-Ti blends the Highest Grade of15-3-3 Forged Titanium sole plate and face with a high strain composite graphite molded crown body for explosive performance off the tee.


Loft   Lie (+-1)    Weight (+-3)   Volume    RH/LH
  9.5º     56º      196g  420cc RH/LH
10.5º     56º      196g  420cc RH/LH
12º     56º      196g  420cc RH/LH

Driver only  $59



Integra Fairway Woods
15-3 Stainless Steel
Low Profile
Easy to Hit
Get the Ball upi from any Lie

Only $29 Each

Fairway Specs

 Club Head  Loft (+-1)  Lie (+-1)  Weight (+-3)  Volume  RH/LH
  # 3  16º  56º  210g  200cc  RH/LH
  # 5  20º  57º  216g  190cc  RH/LH
  # 7  24º  58º  225g  180cc  RH/LH

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