Integra I-Win Single Length Golf Clubs


I-win Single Length Iron Heads

All of the Integra I-Win Single Length irons heads are weighted the exact same so that they can all be built to the same length (generally 6 or 7 iron length, but with a little weight added, even 8 or 9 iron length). This allows you or your customer to have the same stance, posture and the exact same swing plane for every shot! Golf is easy now! If you are looking for consistency in your iron game, single-length is the way to go! Swing weight and flex is the same for every iron.

 The one difference you’ll see in the i-Wins vs. the Pinhawk irons is that the i-Wins have different bounce and offset for each iron (the jury’s out; you be the judge as to which is better for your game). These iron heads are in stock and shipping now, so have fun with your new and improved iron game!

Integra i-Win Head Specs

Club 5 6 7 8 9 PW AW SW LW
Loft 24° 27° 30.5° 35° 40° 45° 50° 54° 58°
Lie 62.25° 62.25° 62.25° 62.25° 62.25° 62.25° 62.25° 62.25° 62.25°
Hosel Size .370 .370 .370 .370 .370 .370 .370 .370 .370
Weight (grams) 272 272 272 272 272 272 272 272 272
Bounce 10° 11° 12° 12°
Offset (mm) 6.6 5.8 5.3 4.5 4.1 3.6 3.3 2.8 2.3

Suggested Retail
$29.00 per Head

$59.00 Finished Club

We can fit you based on our True Length Technology fitting system, that ensures the proper length for your stance or build or to your preferred length based on your “favorite iron” (usually 6, 7 or 8).  Either way, you will be able to set up with the same athletic stance for each and every Integra I-Win Single Length irons.

Whether you are looking for graphite or steel golf shafts, standard or oversize grips our certified clubmaker will custom build these Integra I-Win Single Length irons to your individual requirements.

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