KRANK Makes It 3 in a Row


Krank Golf® – 2012 RE/MAX World Long Drive Champion Again, Again, Again!  Third Year in a Row!

The Amazing Ryan Winther hitting The Krank Golf® Rage Black Driver pounded golf balls all week long and took down the most coveted crown in all of power hitting.  Ryan is known for raw power and breaking golf balls.  At this Years RE/MAX World Long Drive Championship, Ryan hit numerous balls over 470 yards and established that he is the longest hitter in the World.  Earlier this year Ryan Winther Set the new world ball speed record at the Titleist Performance Institute of 226.7 MPH using a Trackman Launch Monitor and the Krank Golf® Rage Black Driver.

“If you want to be the best, you have to hit the best.  Krank Golf® has once again proven to be the longest and straightest hitting Golf Driver on the planet.  Krank Golf®, no doubt is committed to excellence, the New Rage Black sets a new standard for drivers.  Its unmatched strength, velocity and forgiveness are unparalleled in the golf industry.  Thank you Krank Golf® for helping me become the New 2012 RE/MAX World Long Drive Champion!” Says Ryan Winther

Krank Golf® is known for developing high performance, USGA legal golf drivers.  With 8 RE/MAX World Long Drive Championships under their belt, Krank Golf® has become the premier Golf Driver in all of Long Drive Golf.   Krank Golf® not only won the World Championship, but finished 2nd (Tim Burke) and 3rd (Landon Gentry) both hitting the Rage Black Driver.

This year was an amazing year for Krank Golf® and Team Krank.  We not only won the 2012 RE/MAX World Long Championships for the third year in a row, but we also won six LDA professional Long Drive Tour events including the LDA Tour Championship.  No other golf company in history (except for us) has accomplished that feat.  We are committed to engineering the absolute highest performing golf drivers in the world and we continue to prove it by completely dominating the world of distance hitting” Says Lance Reader – President of Krank Golf®

The world for long drive golf is not golf, but does establish which golf driver is the longest, straightest and most forgiving driver.  The Krank Golf® Rage Black Driver has proven once again that it is the premier driver in all of golf.  Not by number of sales, but by pure performance and World Championships.

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