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KRANK Rage Black BottomSo, I built a Krank Rage Black Component Golf Head on a Nunchuk golf Shaft …..Wow is all I Can Say!

Long and Straight…. Price is not for the faint of Heart, but, it’s worth every penny. KRANK Golf has been winning in the LDA circuit with the RAGE BLACK. Not only champion position but usually 3 or 4 runner up positions as well.

Not sure what KRANK has done with the RAGE BLACK but whatever it was it is HOT! For some reason it really suits the NUNCHUK SHAFT as well.

I am in a swing change so it’s unfair for me to comment personally but…I let 1 person try this combo and he now has it in his bag. He tells me it is the longest and straightest he has ever hit the ball CONSISTENTLY!

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