NUNCHUK Golf Shafts Will Help You Golf Game

This Shaft will improve your golf gameWhy should I change my golf shaft?

Perhaps the better question should be, “What are you waiting for?” Consider these facts:

  • The more flex that a shaft has the more difficult it is to repeatedly return the face of the club head to a square or controlled position at impact.
  • The more twist or torque the shaft possesses the more difficult. (As above)
  • The more flex and twist, the more droop the shaft will experience while in motion.
  • The greater the club head (mass) is offset to the axis of the shaft the greater the effects of twist, torque and droop.
  • The further from the axis of the shaft a mass is located, the greater the potential for twist and torque.
  • It is in direct contradiction with Newton’s Laws of Motion that a useable or useful energy form can be stored in the shaft that can be released at such a time to further accelerate the club head into impact.
  • The lighter the shaft becomes, the heavier the head must become to compensate for the deadweight ‘feel’ of the golf club.
  • The lighter the shaft becomes, the heavier the head must become to maintain a constant under the principles of swing weight balancing. The heavier the head weight feel to the golfer, the more they will be induced to swing the head of the club and not the club itself. The more they do this, the more they will suffer the consequences of Newton’s Laws.
  • The more flex, twist, droop and excessive head feel the golf club has, the more difficult it becomes to master.

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