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Now in play in John Daly’s Bag!

John Daly Uses Nunchuk Shafts Driver Through Wedges

I asked John, via Twitter if the Nunchuk’s affected Distance or Accuracy. His response was “No Not at all”.

“I started working with NUNCHUK xi iron shafts and was impressed with the accuracy and feel in my irons and wedges,” Daly said. “When I added NUNCHUK’s in my driver and fairway wood, I not only had a consistent feel in all my clubs, but I found that the performance and accuracy through the bag were unparalleled.”

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You shouldn’t have to sacrifice distance to gain accuracy!

The NUNCHUK®‘s patent-pending technology, allows players to consistency deliver the club face in a repeatable fashion. The NUNCHUK®‘s  patented design provides players with maximum energy transfer through the golf ball, meaning players don’t have to lose distance to gain control. You won’t lose the ball to the left. Feel free to attack the driver without fear of misdirecting the golf ball due to the weight of the clubhead closing the toe of the clubhead. The stability of the NUNCHUK®‘s  tip section stabilizes the club through the impact zone, and will not permit club head twisting, or drooping.

With its Tri-Zonal Stability™ (TZS) technology, golfers will experience unparalleled consistency, accuracy and performance.

• One shaft model for all players – Pros, Amateurs, Juniors and Seniors

• Eliminates flex, twist and droop – more sweet spot contact

• Enhanced tip design delivers unmatched consistency and distance control

• Gives you the CONFIDENCE to HIT THE Fairways with your Driver and  HIT THE GREEN with your Hybrid!

With the NUNCHUK® you can rely on the club to deliver the clubhead at full speed, with the clubface perfectly aligned with the intended target – achieving incredible results!

 Frequently Asked Questions

This Shaft will improve your golf game



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Information You Need To Know

Typical static testing equipment CANNOT accurately assess the unique technology within the NUNCHUK® for fitting purposes. Thus, comparisons to the standard measurement values of traditional shafts are not appropriate. For instance, the frequency and weight measurements above might seem high for slower speed golfers, however the NUNCHUK® Tri-Zonal Stability® (TZS) technology actually makes this shaft the PERFECT choice for those players.

A FLEX: The NUNCHUK® is sold in a single flex – the same shaft will perform well for professional golfers, high level amateurs, seniors, women and juniors. How? With the NUNCHUK®, any “flex” created at the initiation of the downswing will rapidly recover in only the first few feet. Therefore, you DO NOT have to ”time the kick” of the shaft.

B LAUNCH: Because the NUNCHUK® resists Flex, Twist and Droop during the downswing, the movement of the clubhead around the axis of the shaft is dramatically reduced relative to other shafts. As a result, the shaft is not “adding” or “subtracting” loft from the true loft of the clubhead and the swing generated by the golfer. Therefore, the golfer can reliably expect to deliver the True Loft of the clubhead to the ball at impact.

C WEIGHT: Because the NUNCHUK® is counterbalanced, the shaft will feel much lighter than its deadweight. The counterbalancing and stability of the NUNCHUK® creates the “one-piece” feel that promotes CONSISTENCY by encouraging players to swing the handle of their golf club, rather than the club head.

SPIN RATE AND SHOT DISPERSION: Simply, Spin Rate will be reduced and Shot Dispersion will be narrowed for almost all golfers, increasing both their distance and accuracy.


Frequently Asked Questions



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