Nunchuk xi Iron Golf Shafts

NUNCHUK xi iron golf Shaft

Nunchuk xi Iron Golf Shafts

We are excited to offer you the what we feel is the very best graphite iron shaft, the Nunchuk xi Iron Golf Shafts. By bringing the tour-proven NUNCHUK Tri-Zonal Stability precision technology to iron shafts, Nventix has produced a graphite iron shaft that is more consistent and accurate than steel shafts, but with the feel of graphite.

The shaft design incorporates three segments, or zones, where each segment is specifically designed and constructed to control problems with twist, flex and droop found in other shaft designs.

The xi is the latest component in the complete NUNCHUK system of precision golf shafts for drivers, fairway woods, hybrids – and now irons.

NUNCHUK xi iron golf Shafts



Key Attributes of the NUNCHUK xi Precision Iron Shaft:

  • PERFORMANCE: Better than steel performance: Produces consistent ball launch, tighter dispersion, consistent distance control, pinpoint accuracy, and greater distance as verified with both consumer and professional testing. Also, the NUNCHUK xi offers greater spin control for better stopping power on the greens. The Nunchuk xi Iron Golf Shafts are much more consistent than other graphite iron shafts on the market.
  • FEEL: Softer and less harsh than steel, better bio-feedback, and far less vibration on off-center shots. The Nunchuk xi Iron Golf Shafts, as with all the NUNCHUKs, allow the player’s hands and club head to be aligned through the impact zone. Golfer’s often comment that the NUNCHUK shafts produce a unique “one piece” feeling as the club is moving as a single unit through the impact zone. Conversely, typical graphite and steel shafts allow the club head to move relative to the centerline of the shaft due to shaft flexing, twisting and droop. This movement is detrimental to golfers achieving consistent distance control, trajectory and ball flight results with the same club.
  • THE NUNCHUK SYSTEM: Now – golfers have the opportunity to put precision NUNCHUKs in all their clubs which will provide great benefits:
    • Identical feel from club to club
    • Identical function from club to club enhancing length, distance and dispersion control
    • Importantly, encourages the player, through proper biofeedback, to swing all clubs exactly the same – and not a failed attempt to “hit at the ball with the club head or throw their hands at the ball through impact”
  • PRECISION FITTING: One shaft for all swing speeds – golfers should be professionally fitted for club head design, grip and grip size, lengths, lofts, and lie angles, but the Nunchuk xi Iron Golf Shafts will produce great results for the full range of swing types and speeds.
    • Available in both .370” parallel and .355” tapered tips. Additionally, the parallel tipped shafts are designed such that they can be sanded to a taper finish by the professional club builder if necessary, adding versatility to this version. Performance of the two tip designs is identical.
    • Butt trim to length, no tip trimming required or suggested. Long parallel butt section to produce consistent grip feel and size for hand placement on the club.
    • Solid silver paint color with the opportunity to put the logo down for a clean look

In testing the prototypes of the Nunchuk xi Iron Golf Shafts, golfers from a variety of player segments described their irons as “easier to hit,” and with increased consistency, accuracy and distance control. Players reported that they were able to better control their trajectories and shape shots on command. From testing that was completed on the PGA Tour, one player called back immediately after the event excited about the testing he had completed. Upon reflection, he realized the club he tested, which was a blade iron head shafted with the NUNCHUK xi, was far easier to hit and produced better results than his “gamer” cavity back steel shafted irons.

We look forward to making the game easier and more enjoyable for golfers as they switch to NUNCHUK shafts.

Technical Specifications:

Shaft Specifications
Flex One size fits all swing speeds and types
Torque 3.3 Degrees
Weight 104 Grams
Length 40 Inch blank
Tip OD Available in .355” taper tip or .370” parallel
tip (2” parallel tip section)
Butt OD .610”, with 7.5” parallel butt section


$75.00 ($55 USD)



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