R1 Replacement Golf Shaft tips now available!

R1 Shaft Tip

.335 Tip for your R1 Driver now available


If you are looking to install a second golf shaft in your RI, we have the .335  Shaft Adaptors in stock. We can supply the tip to you or supply a shaft with a tip installed for you to plug n play. If you have a favorite shaft already, we can install the tip on that one for you as well.

Just send us an email with the details and we will get back to you with a quote.


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4 replies on “R1 Replacement Golf Shaft tips now available!”

Looking for a heavier shaft than the “stock” 55 gram one that I have, 75 gram to 82 gram preferably…..please let me know what you have, thank you and have a fantastic day



I assume it is for a Driver… Flex?

I have the Nunchuk’s at 105. Sounds heavy but not really as they are naturally counter balanced do to their design.

Also have Enzo in that weight range.

Black Diamond in 70 gram range.

Yes, driver & stiff flex…….I think I saw ENZO at 75 and ENZO TOUR at 83……105 does sound heavy but I have steel in my 3 wood……what is price range, I can pick up……..thanks for getting back so quickly



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