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The Following are Single Length Iron testimonials received buy our component manufacturers –

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I received my Pinhawks today and wasted no time getting to the range. Where have these clubs been all my life ! I hit my shots straight and high. Exactly what I wanted. I can’t believe the five iron goes that far with a 37″ shaft but it does. The clubs are really beautifully built. These clubs go through the ball smooth as a gravy sandwich. No vibes or harshness. I could go on and on.

Just to give bit more feedback on the Pinhawks now I’ve had them for a while – GREAT! Feeling really confident with my irons. I played a competition today and I only had my Pinhawks, a sandwedge and a putter in the bag and I hit my irons very well – now if I could just sort myself out round the greens!

The clubs I ordered were the Pinhawk Single Length irons, and I have to say, they really allow me to groove my swing on the course. Fit and finish are very fine and sturdy, and distance control is very easy to establish.



Hello Tom my name is Britton Munoz and I am a legally blind golfer. I purchased the sterling Single length clubs several months ago and was fitted by Paul Coon’s out of Redmond Oregon. The consistency of the single link clubs has improve my game drastically consistency is very important to me being your visually impaired golfer. Prior to the Sterlings on 18 hole golf course here in Oregon I would shoot a 105 to 110 now that I have the Sterlings and have the same swing with every club I am shooting under 100 the last four times out I shot A 96, 97, 96, and a 99. Today I shot a 44 on a par 35 so the consistency of your clubs are working and it is a great product anybody who is ever doubted going to the single- link clubs should not hesitate the consistency really works these are great product


I was excited to receive my Sterling Irons: so shiny and beautifully crafted they are! On the range we immediately clicked: my irons and I! They are surprisingly easy to play.

Within a couple of hours I felt comfortable enough to take them on the course. And what a surprise! My Sterling Irons® are very precise in direction and very reliable in distance. What struck me the most: my distances are exactly one number longer than with my Adams Irons and my previous Taylor Made Burner Irons. So for a previous Pitching Wedge distance I now use my new Gap Wedge, etc. Distance gaping between Irons is perfect.

– Prof. Dr. med. Daniel F. à Wengen, 

Just wanted to update you on my progress with the Sterling Irons®.

I’ve had them now for about two months…have probably 12 rounds in under my belt.

In spite of a so so driving round last Saturday late afternoon I was able to post my first round in the 60’s in over 3 years!

Shot 69 on a par 72 course with excellent iron ball striking on a course I’ve never played before!

I am a huge fan of your single length iron heads and am seeing tremendous results and consistency improvement weekly.

– Mark H

I’ve had my Sterling Irons® for 6 weeks now. My scores are down 4 to 5 strokes a round. These irons are awesome!
– Don C



Who are Single Length Irons for? –

We see the Single Length irons as being a possible consideration for golfers with a handicap from 7 and higher, for golfers with a current 5 iron clubhead speed of 85mph or lower, for golfers who struggle to hit their #3, 4, 5, 6 irons consistently well, and for golfers who simply suffer from overall inconsistency with the irons.

New Golfers, occasional golfers and anyone looking for consistency!

What to expect from Single Length Golf Clubs –

  • Identical feel from iron to iron
  • Identical function from iron to iron enhancing length, distance and dispersion control
  • Identical setup from iron to iron.
  • Identical swing from iron to iron
  • Identical ball position from iron to iron
  • Identical stance from iron to iron
  • More on center hits
  • Less fat shots
  • Less thin shots
  • Improved feel and play-ability
  • Final result – More Consistency and Improved scoring
  • Most important – More fun and easier golf!

Just point and shoot – That’s Golf Simplification 101!

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