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Pinhawk SL or Sterling Iron Single Length Irons

Pinhawk SL or Sterling Iron Single Length Irons. Which is for you?

I get asked regularly which is better,  Pinhawk SL or Sterling Iron Single Length Irons? 

Having played several rounds with both Pinhawk SL and Sterling Iron Single Length Irons, my answer is simple.

Which ever you prefer.” 

No its not a cop out. You see, from a performance standpoint they are the same. I found both distance and distance gaps between irons was the same for both Pinhawk SL or Sterling Iron Single Length Irons. We build our sets to exact specs. We check and adjust loft and lies to the specified spec, no plus or minus 2 degrees in our builds. That way they perform the way intended. 

Pinhawk SL irons are cast in Stainless steel and have the same solid contact “feel ” with each iron.  They are a good looking head and the quality is excellent. The cost is very reasonable, comparable to most other quality component heads. 

Pinhawk SL One Length, One Stance | Kona Golf Sales

Sterling Iron heads are cast in carbon steel in the 8 thru SW . The 4 iron thru 7 iron are a thin Hi Cor face welded to a carbon frame. They all go through a plating process to protect the heads against corrosion and beautify the appearance. They have a slightly thinner top line and have more of a “players club” appearance. They are more costly to produce which is reflected in the price. Being Carbon Steel they have a soft feel similar to that of a forged head.

Sterling Iron Hi Cor golf club head.

So you see, the choice is yours and no matter which you choose, you will not be wrong!

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