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Now affordable Golf Clubs For Beginners

If you are a beginner or Higher handicap player and looking for a quality set of custom irons the FC-One Plus irons could be just the ticket.

The FC-ONE PLUS IRONS are the ultimate are Improvement irons, yet they can be custom fit to your needs.  We call them golf clubs for beginners but really they are meant for anyone looking to get the ball off the ground easily. The super wide sole glides through the turf without digging in help to ensure good ball contact.



Offset Bounce Offset Bounce Offset Bounce
5 I 26 62 254 3.6mm 0
6 I 29 62.5 261 3.3mm 1
7 I 33 63 269 2.7mm 2
8 I 37 63.5 277 2.1mm 3
9 I 41 64 285 1.6mm 5
PW 45 64.5 296 1.1mm 7

An extension of our popular FC-ONE irons, the new PLUS version is an ultra-game improvement design for entry level golfers and juniors that our new to the game. Featuring a super wide sole, thicker top line and plenty of offset, this user friendly clubhead will get the golf ball airborne with minimal effort. Available in both men’s and ladies versions, our full line of Swing Science golf shafts will allow clubmakers to deliver the right golf shaft with that OEM look and feel!

Inside Diameter: 9.45+-0.05 mm
Outside Diameter: 13.5 +-0.2 mm
Hosel Length: 62.5 +-0.5 mm
Bore Depth: 32 +-1 mm
Head 6 Iron
Toe Face Height: 57.57 mm
Mid Face Height: 49.18 mm
Heel Face Height: 32.20 mm
Center Sole Width: 33.50 mm

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