S800 Forged Irons by Swing Science


Swing Science Forged Golf Club Component Iron Heads

The S 800 Forged Component golf club Iron Heads were designed for the more discerning golfer with plenty of game! This exotic design features advanced CNC milling to better control weight distribution to precise areas where weight is needed which can not be done with a standard forged iron. The result is a players club with great looks and outstanding play ability characteristics.

Product Highlights

  • Billet Forged from soft 1035 carbon steel.
  • Cavity is CNC milled to better control weight distribution to precise areas.
  • Max Heel and Toe weight distribution through power V bar cavity
  • CNC machined face and grooves.
Club Loft Lie Weight Offset Bounce Length Swing
3 I 21 60 243 4mm 2 39.00″ D1
4 I 24 61 250 4mm 2 38.50″ D1
5 I 27 62 257 4mm 2 38.00″ D1
6 I 30 62.5 264 3mm 3 37.50″ D1
7 I 34 63 271 3mm 3 37.00″ D1
8 I 38 63.5 278 2mm 4 36.50″ D1
9 I 42 64 285 2mm 4 36.00″ D1
PW 47 64 292 1mm 6 35.75″ D1
Hosel Inside Diameter: 9.45mm
Hosel Outside Diameter: 13.9mm
Hosel Length: 70mm
Bore Depth: 32mm

Head Blade length:
Head Sole Width: 19.6mm
Head Toe Height: 50.4mm
Heel Height: 29.5mm
Materials & Finish
Construction: Forged
Face: Carbon Steel 1035
Body: Carbon Steel 1035
We can build these awesome forged golf clubs for you on any golf shafts you choose. We have KBS, True Temper, Apollo, Nunchuk, FST and more to choose from.
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