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Club Loft Lie Weight Volume
1 10.5 59 198 460cc
1 12 59 198 460cc


Our new FC-ONE Driver Component Head epitomizes the notion of “Grip it and Rip it.” Designed without an adjustable hosel configuration. The new FC-ONE b Series was created for one purpose, to bomb it! Featuring VFT technology, the new FC-ONE will provide a more consistent COR across the entire face resulting in greater distance on those off center hits. Additionally, the geometry of the head, most notably deeper breadth and greater surface area means more perimeter weighting and high MOI characteristics to help promote squaring of the face at impact.

Inside Diameter: 8.6mm
Outside Diameter: 12.7mm
Bore Depth: 35mm
Bulge: 10 Inch
Roll: 10 Inch
Face Angle: Square
Materials & Finish
Face: 6-4 Titanium
Body:6-4 Titanium
Finish Paint:Matte Pearl White or Matte Black


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