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New Long Pinhawk LF-3 Fairway WOOD


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Pinhawk LF-3 DETAILS

The Pinhawk LF-3 Fairway Wood Head was designed by Pinhawk Golf in keeping with their philosophy of making the game of golf easier and more fun to play. Designed to be built as a longer-than-usual fairway wood, this one is all about maximum distance.Great for those times when the golfer didn’t get the distance off the tee he was hoping for, for those long par 5’s to give the player that chance at an eagle, and the perfect club for a scramble. (demoralize the other team!)

This clubhead was designed with the correct head weight and lie angle to be built a full inch longer than a modern 3 wood and can be made as long as 45 ½”, the length of a modern driver! Because as you may know, the length of the club is what equals distance, it’s just simple physics. Many shy away from longer clubs because they fear a loss of control, and that is a legitimate concern if you don’t have a consistent swing. BUT, there are plenty of players out there where distance is the only concern, period, and this club is for them.

The design shape of the head and sole makes it easy to play off the fairway or from the rough. This clubhead was in the design and testing phase for more than 3 years, and the folks at Pinhawk know that you or your customer will be thrilled at how easy it is to hit this fairway wood a long, long way. In fact, the 2 Pinhawk product designers have this club firmly in their own bags, and you would have to pry it out of their cold, dead hands!

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