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project x evenflow shafts now in stock

Project X EvenFlow




We are pleased to offer the latest Project X handcrafted premium golf shafts.

EvenFlow’s revolutionary “even” bend profile transfers shaft load more efficiently throughout the swing to create maximum energy release at impact. The result is a powerful flow of energy that feels smooth while delivering gnarly distance, making EvenFlow the ultimate compliment to the Project X HZRDUS line.

Project x EvenFlow Blue features a mid-spin and mid-launch profile.

These shafts come with stepless design, frequency matching and loading zone – unique features that optimize the flex distribution and energy transfer without sacrificing control, giving you a higher level of golfing performance.

If you are looking for Performance and Smooth feel from tip to butt consider the EvenFlow Blue.

While every composite shaft bearing the Project X name is made to the same exacting standards and specifications, Project X Hand Crafted shafts are produced exclusively in our R&D lab in San Diego, CA.  For Hand Crafted shafts, each layer of material is hand cut and individually hand rolled and the cosmetic and logo application is done entirely by hand, making the entire process truly “Hand Crafted”. This intimate practice demands the highest attention to detail and limits lab production to roughly 50 shafts per day – making Project X Hand Crafted the industry pinnacle of composite shaft excellence and exclusivity!

These are being played by several top pros including Adam Scott, Ernie Els, and several others.

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