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Affordable Cloud Hosting Set Up



If you are looking for a faster WordPress Website that can grow at the rate of your business consider 

cloudhostingsetup.com to get you up on the Google Cloud. 

Give your business the boost it deserves by having them migrate your WordPress website to Google’s Cloud. When it comes to web hosting, never compromise.

They will help you say goodbye to slow traditional web hosting and experience a whole new world.

Currently there is an offer from google giving you a $300 Cloud Credit which is good for a year. With this system you pay only for what space or features you use.

It also provides you with free SSL security  (https) which provides all the security for your site as well as for ecommerce.

Why have Google host your website?



Has Google’s own website been slow or down? Now imagine that same reliability when it comes to your website.



Change the configuration of your own dedicated web server at anytime and without limitations.



The crucial element to better Google search ranking starts with speed. It doesn’t get any faster than this.



Your own dedicated web server starting at $40 per month with free SSL and a $300 credit.


Why Cloudhostingsetup.com ?

Simply put these folks are quick, efficient, honest, and really know what they are doing!

Tell them Jim from Kona Sent you! 

They upgraded all of my websites to the Google Cloud with virtually ZERO downtime!


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