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NUNCHUK Golf Shafts Will Help You Golf Game

This Shaft will improve your golf game

Why should I change my golf shaft? Perhaps the better question should be, “What are you waiting for?” Consider these facts: The more flex that a shaft has the more difficult it is to repeatedly return the face of the club head to a square or controlled position at impact. The more twist or torque […]

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GEEK GOLF No Brainer

Geek Golf  is about to introduce the “NO BRAINER” Muscle car inspired Golf Ball Launcher! Because of the distinct placement of extra weight incorporating the design characteristics of the sole and body of the NO BRAINER…this is truly a ‘Muscle’ head…hence the tie-in to Muscle cars!   The Aerodynamics of the body works to enhance […]

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KRANK Rage Black Bottom

So, I built a Krank Rage Black Component Golf Head on a Nunchuk golf Shaft …..Wow is all I Can Say! Long and Straight…. Price is not for the faint of Heart, but, it’s worth every penny. KRANK Golf has been winning in the LDA circuit with the RAGE BLACK. Not only champion position but […]

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Welcome to Kona Golf Sales

Kona Golf Sales

Welcome to Kona Golf Sales. Kona Golf Sales is proud to be the Canadian distributor of SMT Golf Components, Raven Golf Components and GEEK Golf Components, Integra Golf Components, Enzo Golf Shafts and The amazing Nunchuk Golf™ Shaft. Kona Golf Sales is located in Mississauga, Ontario, serving all of Canada from our centrally located warehouse. […]

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Kona gets Kranked

Krank Golf

We only have a few Krank Drivers left. We have Geek Golf, SMT Golf Heads, Swing Science Heads, Bang Golf Heads.

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