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Kona Golf Sales provides quality golf club repairs at affordable rates. Looking for Custom Built golf clubs? No problem, Our Certified Clubmaker builds to the latest technologies to ensure you have the best golf game possible. Our Custom Built Golf Clubs are the most forgiving possible. 

Have you ever been troubled by the condition of “My long irons are too long and my short irons are too short”? Every set of clubs I’ve owned in my 35 years of playing this gentleman’s game have fallen into that scenario.


True Length Technology® addresses this condition through CAD modeling the entire set by correlating the lengths and lies to the golfer in their athletic address position. Imagine having one single, stable athletic address position for every club in the bag. Holding every club in the same hand position and still utilize varying lengths and lies that fit your math model, perfectly.

We feature single length golf clubs and golf club components.

Looking to switch to graphite golf shafts? We have lots of replacement golf shafts. If you are looking for custom golf clubs or golf club repairs in Mississauga, Oakville or Brampton (GTA) give us a call for a quote.

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