XDS Hybrid Irons

Why Hybrid Golf Irons

A hybrid golf club combines the qualities of an iron and a fairway wood into one club. XDS React Hybrid Irons are among the most versatile clubs any golfer can use. They can be used off the fairway, from the rough or off a tee. They’re much easier to hit and often produce more consistent shots than long irons. Over the past several years, hybrid golf clubs have grown in popularity among golfers worldwide, largely due to the difficulty that many golfers have in properly striking the 1-, 2-, 3- and 4-irons and the difficulty in hitting fairway woods from the rough. Because golfers are only allowed to carry 14 clubs in their bag, many players replace one or more clubs with a hybrid. 

The hybrid’s club face is flat, similar to an iron, making it easier to hit the ball squarely, but it’s also hard, like a fairway wood, increasing the potential for greater distance on your shots. Its rounded head and wide sole design allows for a lower center of gravity toward the back and bottom of the club head, which helps get more trajectory and ball loft on a golf swing. This allows players with slower swing speeds to make a rounded swing, as you would with a fairway wood, and sweep the ball off the turf rather than requiring the more upright and precise swing necessary to hit long irons squarely. Hybrid golf clubs are shorter in length than woods and are usually equal to or slightly longer than the iron they replace.  They also have the same shaft thickness as irons—about 1/16 of an inch wider than woods at the point the shaft enters the hosel. This results in less “twisting” of the club at impact and improves accuracy when compared to shots struck with woods.

Custom Built XDS React Hybrid Golf Irons

Why not replace all of your irons?  We can build you a custom set of XDS React hybrid irons from 3 iron right thru to your sand iron. Regain your confidence and start shooting lower scores.  

The  XDS React Hybrid irons features the same amount of face progression through the set, as well as consistent crown heights. This means that you won’t need to readjust your setup for varying clubs, resulting in a repeatable swing every time. The railed soles glide across various types of terrain increasing solidness of contact. Plus, with the leading edge designed well forward of the hosel prevents the possibility of shanking the ball. The XDS React hybrid irons are the outcome of unconventional thinking for remarkable results.


Specs – ACER XDS React Hybrid Irons

Model # Hand Club Loft Lie Weight Offset Volume Std Clublength Hosel ID
IW1255A-003 RH #3 20° 59.5 d 242 -11 mm 139 cc 39.5 in 0.370″
IW1255A-004 RH #4 23° 60.25 d 249 -11 mm 132 cc 39 in 0.370″
IW1255A-005 RH #5 26° 61 d 256 -11 mm 125 cc 38.5 in 0.370″
IW1255A-006 RH #6 29° 61.75 d 263 -11 mm 120 cc 38 in 0.370″
IW1255A-007 RH #7 33° 62.5 d 270 -11 mm 112 cc 37.5 in 0.370″
IW1255A-008 RH #8 37° 63 d 277 -11 mm 104 cc 37 in 0.370″
IW1255A-009 RH #9 41° 63.5 d 284 -11 mm 96 cc 36.5 in 0.370″
IW1255A-10P RH PW 45° 64 d 291 -11 mm 92 cc 36 in 0.370″
IW1255A-15A RH AW 50° 64 d 291 -11 mm 88 cc 36 in 0.370″
IW1255A-20S RH SW 55° 64 d 295 -11 mm 84 cc 35.75 in 0.370″



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