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Is it time for a new ARMLOCK Putter?

Time to try a New Putting style:

We are always looking for new ways of getting the ball into the hole in a fewer number of shots per round, whether it’s a new grip or a different way of holding the putter, but one technique you might not have considered before is the armlock method. It’s a style you will no doubt have seen employed by the former US Open Champion Bryson DeChambeau, or perhaps Matt Kuchar’s  Reverse Armlock method. 

Does it work and could it help your game? 

Both of the aforementioned pros have a proven success record with their methods.

The USGA’s ban on “anchored” strokes has virtually eliminated the “broomstick” style and “belly” style putters, but they have deemed that a putter still “swings freely” using the method of bracing the putter on your forearm. Enter the armlock!

By anchoring the shaft and grip to your arm, you are eliminating any deviations in shaft angle from setup to impact where most putting errors occur. The Pinhawk On Lock putter is perfectly designed for this USGA approved method of putting. It helps keep your wrist from breaking, and it also helps you keep conscious of a proper rotation of the shoulders. All of this results in giving you the stable stroke you need for solid, consistent putting, and it can help with the dreaded “yips” too.

The Pinhawk Deadbolt uses Reverse Armlock Technology that is designed so the shaft of the putter is anchored to your dominant, more comfortable right arm. This gives you more control and consistency and does not feel awkward, so you will stick with it and make a smooth repeatable stroke every time. In fact it becomes comfortable and natural. In order to accomplish this, the Deadbolt is zero degrees of loft, which produces the perfect roll for the shaft lean that lead-arm anchoring produces.

A Word of Caution

Due to the shaft lean on either style putter, loft is a major factor in the design of the heads. 

The Reverse armlock style adds loft at impact therefore a putter head with very low loft is required. The Armlock on the other hand delofts the face and therefore requires a head with more loft.

Trying to adapt a regular putter if very difficult unless your have the ability to bend the putter head, if at all possible, to adjust the loft.

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