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On-Lock Putter

Pinhawk On-Lock Armlock Putter

Continuing in their commitment to develop golf equipment that makes the game easier for all golfers, the Pinhawk designers have turned their attention to the putting green, where so many players lose strokes. The Pinhawk On Lock putter is specifically designed for the armlock putting method. The armlock putting method has been proven to help you maintain better stability in your putting stroke.

Pinhawk DeadBolt Reverse Arm Lock Putter

DEADBOLT Reverse Armlock Putter

The Pinhawk Deadbolt uses Reverse Armlock Technology that is designed so the shaft of the putter is anchored to your dominant, more comfortable right arm. This gives you more control and consistency and does not feel awkward, so you will stick with it and make a smooth repeatable stroke every time. In fact it becomes comfortable and natural.

Pinhawk Single Length

Pinhawk SL

Pinhawk Single Length irons feature revolutionary technology. The heads incorporate a game-improvement design without that “clunky” look.

Pinhawk Vertex Dual Length

Vertex Dual Length

A player with a slower swing speed may have trouble elevating their “long” irons (the 3I, 4I, and 5I) in a single-length set. If they do not have the swing speed necessary to achieve adequate launch, it can cost the player distance when using their “long” irons. The solution? Pinhawk Vertex Dual Length irons.

Pinhawk Hybrids

Pinhawk Single Length Hybrid

Pinhawk Single Length hybrids are available in a 4 iron replacement all the way up to a sand wedge replacement. You also can mix and match the Pinhawk SL Hybrids with the Pinhawk SL irons – the swingweight, flex and feel will all be the same!

EQ1-NX from Wishon Golf

EQ1-NX Irons By Tom Wishon

Wishon’s new single length iron design concept EQ1-NX offers same length and high COR low loft iron characteristics. All this while adding many new performance enhancing features. A definite step forward in game improvement iron design. The EQ1-NX Fairway Woods and Hybrids are loaded with a wide range of innovative features

Krank Fire Driver Golf At Kona Golf Sales

Krank Formula Fire Driver

Krank Golf is a golf club manufacturer who’s goal is to push the absolute possibilities of Golf Driver Performance. Our passion has been the same since day one Krank dominates distance hitting because their drivers generate faster ball speed, better control, better ball flight and are more durable than any drivers in the world. The New Formula Fire Krank Drivers offer 4 Models ranging from the LD Long Drive Model through to the Fire XX-Super Hi-Cor.

FC-ONE Forged Irons

Swing Science

Swing Science is truly a “Custom OEM” company. Currently the company offers a wide array of highly customizable products to meet every player profile and also includes a series of “Custom Fit” shafts that were designed to complement our clubheads from both a performance and cosmetic standpoint.

Star Grips

Star Grips

Now Stocking several Models of the USA made Star Grip. Star Grip are made in Arizona using a proprietary compound that is so good they offer a 3 year warranty that it will not get hard, slick, crack, or unravel. Try our grips today!!!

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