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The Newton Motion Golf shafts are designed to help golfers drive it straighter and farther without the need to exert more effort to do it. Typically the only way to hit it farther is to swing harder. That does not normally work out too well for golfers as their timing gets all messed up and many times have the opposite effect to their drives. They hit it offline and shorter. The Motion drivershaft is designed to help you to swing smooth and create optimal results. Using a proprietary shaft Design and construction, the shaft feels different during the swing. One PGA TOUR Champions professional said, “It feels like it autocorrects itself on the downswing.”

The secret to the Newton Motion Driver Shaft allowing a golfer to hit it straighter and farther with less effort there are 4 essential technologies: Elongated Bend Profiles, Symmetry 360 design, proprietary Kinetic Storage Construction, and Variable Torque Profiles by flex.

We are so impressed hat it is a great upgrade for our Krank Fire Drivers 


Contrary to popular belief, most carbon fiber shafts are not symmetrical.  Many shafts are mass manufactured in a way that creates a noticeable ‘spine’ that becomes invisible to the golfer after sanding and painting.  A spine causes inconsistencies in flex and in various performance attributes such as spin rates, leading to less accuracy. All Newton Motion shafts are hand-crafted, one by one, in our factory in St. Joseph, Missouri to the highest possible quality standards.  

Newton Motion Golf Shafts

Our proprietary Symmetry 360 design virtually eliminates any spine and ensures consistency from shot to shot.  This is especially important with drivers and fairway woods that provide loft and lie adjustability.  Newton Motion shafts flex identically no matter what clocking position the club is set.

Newton Motion Golf Shafts


The proprietary Kinetic Storage Construction is the engine of the Newton Motion Golf Shaft. The construction allows the fibers to store more energy that are released through the elongated bend allowing for more ball speed.

Most carbon fiber shafts are not symmetrical. There is a strong chance that your shaft is this way. This causes inconsistencies in flex and inconsistencies in performance like spin rates. Which in turn can cause less accuracy and distance. Newton Symmetry360 design allows for the shaft to flex the same no matter what clocking position the driver is set.


Optimizing the shaft bend profile and adjusting the torque (twist) is essential as the flex changes.  Newton Motion shafts designs are not ‘one size fits all’!

Newton Motion shaft engineers incorporate Variable Bend Profiles for each flex.  The bend and torque profile of every flex is designed to optimize performance based on swing speed, not the age or gender of the player. Golfers with slower swing speeds need more flex and torque, while golfers with higher club head speeds require the opposite. Our unique Dot System allows golfers to select the shaft flex that was specifically designed for their swing.   

Newton Motion Golf Shafts

No more arbitrary and non-standard designations like ‘Regular’, ‘Ladies’, or ‘Senior’ flexes. 

Simply choose the correct dot and play a Newton Motion shaft that allows for a smoother, natural swing and better results.

Which Newton Motion Golf Shaft is for you?

Newton Motion Golf Shaft


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