Newton Motion Golf Shafts

Why NUNCHUK® Golf Shafts?

 Today’s golfer is faced with an infinite amount of shaft choices. Unfortunately, the shafts offered in the marketplace have not resolved many of the issues facing today’s players. 

  • The more flex a golf shaft has, the greater the margin of error in returning the clubface back to square at impact.
  • The more twisting a golf shaft experiences, the more difficult it becomes to return the clubhead/ clubface correctly to impact.
  • The more droop in the shaft, the more difficult it becomes to return the clubhead to the ball.
  • The longer the shaft in any given golf club, the more the shaft fitted to it will be subject to all three of the above.
  • The heavier the clubhead is, the more the shaft will flex and droop.
  • The larger the clubhead is and the longer it is from heel to toe, the greater the potential from all three issues above.
  • Who are the twistiest, most flexible and most droop-prone golf clubs with the largest, heaviest clubheads and longest, lightest shafts designed for, manufactured for and sold to? Unfortunately, the answer is, ”average golfers” – male and female, young and old – especially those who have the least ability to use them and the least opportunity to learn how to use them. Enter the Nunchuk® – nVentix Golf, and the release of the Nunchuk® line of precision shafts, which are designed to overcome ALL the issues identified above.
Nunchuk 101 Golf Shaft

 NUNCHUK® Golf Shafts are a unique offering in the golf world, and they boast several potential advantages for golfers of all skill levels. 

Here are some of the key benefits you might experience when making the switch to Nunchuk Golf Shafts:

  1. Increased Accuracy and Consistency:
  •  NUNCHUK® Golf shafts feature a distinctive design with a stiff tip and butt section, and a softer midsection. This creates a more stable feel at impact, minimizing shaft deflection and promoting a straighter ball flight.
  • The reduced shaft movement also leads to tighter dispersion, meaning your shots will be more grouped together, both left and right, and long and short. This can be a game-changer for golfers who struggle with inconsistent strikes.
  1. Improved Distance:
  • The Nunchuk’s stable design promotes efficient energy transfer from the swing to the ball, resulting in potentially longer shots.
  • Additionally, the reduced spin on the ball from Nunchuk shafts allows it to roll further after landing, adding even more yards to your total distance.
  1. Enhanced Feel and Control:
  • The softer midsection of the NUNCHUK® shaft provides a more forgiving feel on off-center hits, dampening vibration and harshness. This can be especially beneficial for golfers with slower swing speeds or those who tend to mishit the ball occasionally.
  • The Nunchuk’s design also promotes a more connected feel with the club, allowing you to better control the clubhead throughout the swing
  1. Versatility for All Swing Types:
  • Unlike traditional shafts that come in various flexes,  NUNCHUK® golf shafts are designed to be universal, working well for golfers with a wide range of swing speeds. This makes them a good option for players who are still developing their swing or who have a slower tempo.
  • Additionally, the Nunchuk’s ability to reduce spin can be helpful for golfers who struggle with slices or hooks, as it can help to keep the ball on a straighter line.
  1. Reduced Impact on Your Body:
  • The Nunchuk’s dampening properties can help to reduce shock and vibration at impact, which can be beneficial for golfers who suffer from elbow or wrist pain.

It’s important to note that  NUNCHUK® golf shafts are not a magic bullet for every golfer, and their effectiveness can vary depending on individual swing mechanics and preferences. However, for golfers looking to improve their accuracy, distance, consistency and feel, Nunchuk Golf shafts offer a unique and potentially game-changing option.

Nunchuk golf shafts are available for Drivers, Fairway woods and irons.

For more information, Check out Nunchuk’s official homepage here

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