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Longer Drives With Krank Golf Formula X


Why You Should Hit Krank Drivers?

There is one undisputed fact when it comes to Krank Golf Drivers. We generate more ball speed than any driver in the world.  Because of that undisputed fact, Krank Golf doesn’t always layout exactly what our manufacturing process is to the public or the golf industry in general. What we are willing to say is the New Formula X EXTREME Driver is the former Formula X on Steroids.

Features include:

  • New micro milling of the face to maximize spring effect on every driver’s head.
  • Maximum metal hardening for the fastest spring back in any driver ever made, including previous Krank Golf drivers.
  • New measuring process for exact lofting, face angle and lie angle specs
  • Exact mechanized welding process to minimize weight and maximize long-term durability
  • New Extreme Paint scheme.

Krank Golf is a golf club manufacturer who’s #1 goal is to push the absolute possibilities of Golf Driver Performance. Our passion has been the same since day one. We develop, test and implement remarkable advances in driver technology. We back up our claims of performance through the Sport of Long Drive Golf. We dominate distance hitting because our drivers are faster ball speed, better control, better ball flight and more durable than any drivers in the world.

If you want to hit the golf ball further off the tee box at any swing speed, there is really only one clear choice, Krank Golf.

For over 16 years we have been developing and refining the art of golf driver design. We were born in the Sport of Long Drive out of our passion to smash golf balls as far as possible, but have grown to fully understand what makes a golf driver perform at all swing speeds. Our biggest obstacle has been building the awareness that Krank Golf Drivers are not just for Long Drive Golfers. We design all our drivers for every golfer at any swing speed. Krank Golf sells 95 percent of our golf drivers to regular golfers and only 5 percent of our golf driver sales are to Long Drive Golfers. Krank Golf has sold over 100,000 golf drivers worldwide.



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New Golf Shafts – Half price*

What is a New Pull ?

Since the major brands do not sell their product as component heads, all sets must be ordered with golf shafts. Often times, when a customer is fit for a new set, that particular manufacturer may not have the desired shaft available. The fitter or customer will order the clubs and then have the shafts changed before ever hitting them.

The shaft sets that are pulled out are called pulls. They are professionally removed and are first quality shafts, often times with golf grips installed.

We purchase these in bulk and offer them at reduced costs saving you 50 percent or more on a set of iron shafts. We also have a few driver and fairway shafts as well. Many have the adjustable tip and are ready to plug and play.

Currently we have the following OE Golf Shafts – New Pulls available to purchase online.

  3. PROJECT X 6.0 4-PW
  5. NEW ENZO GOLF SHAFTS (.335 Driver / Fairway woods)

If you are looking for a brand ask us – we may have exactly what you need.

*We compare local suppliers and do our best to offer incredible pricing often times at 50 – 60 percent savings!

  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

If you have any questions please contact us here!

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Affordable Single Length Golf Clubs Now on Sale

We have Affordable Single Length Golf Clubs 

For you to try without breaking the bank.

Only $269 CDN (Plus  Shipping & Tax )

Since Bryson Dechambeau has performed so well this past season interest in single length has increased substantially.

We have had many inquiries from curious golfers wondering what the Single Length Golf theory is all about.  We have made a purchase of Orlimar Intercept pre-built irons. You can now purchase affordable single length golf clubs and give it a try yourself for only $269 CDN  plus  shipping and tax 

      Limited number of sets available so reserve your’s now! 

The Orlimar Intercept irons are all about developing consistency. By being all the same length, lie, balance and weight as a 7-iron, there is no need to change your posture, stance or ball position so you only have one thought process for every swing with your irons and wedges. Game improvement features include enhanced perimeter weighting by focusing weight where it is needed for golfers to experience a more solid feel and with precision accuracy. FlexFace Technology in the #5 and 6-irons help boost distance and ensure proper distance gaps and trajectories throughout the set.

  • Head Material: Stainless steel
  • Shaft: Orlimar 95 Steel
  • Grip: Orlimar Custom Velvet


Model Loft Lie Offset Length
5 23.5º 63.0º 4 mm 37.0”
6 27º 63.0º 3.5 mm 37.0”
7 31º 63.0º 3 mm 37.0”
8 35º 63.0º 3 mm 37.0”
9 40º 63.0º 2 mm 37.0”
PW 45º 63.0º 2 mm 37.0”
GW 50º 63.0º 2 mm 37.0”

Here’s what to expect with Single Length Golf Clubs!

  • Identical feel from iron to iron
  • Identical function from iron to iron enhancing length, distance and dispersion control
  • Identical setup from iron to iron.
  • Identical swing from iron to iron
  • Identical ball position from iron to iron
  • Identical stance from iron to iron
  • More on center hits
  • Less fat shots
  • Less thin shots
  • Improved feel and play-ability
  • Final result – More Consistency and Improved scoring
  • Most important – More fun and easier golf!
Just point and shoot – That’s Golf Simplification 101!

simplified golf swing using Single Length Irons

 If you are looking for something custom built for you, we also have Sterling Irons and Pinhawk irons to build to your requirements!

Contact us for details!

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Need new golf club Grips


Performance, comfort, confidence are all critical to your score and you are sacrificing all three elements when you arrive at the course without the proper preparation.

As we all know, your round can be memorable for good reasons and bad reasons, all it takes is one shot. Why risk having that one shot (or all your shots) affected by a piece of equipment that would be so easy to correct?

Getting new golf cub grips on your sticks could mean the difference between your best golf and your worst.

Golf Club Repairs | Kona Golf SalesGolf Club Repairs | Kona Golf Sales


Golf Club Repairs | Kona Golf Sales





WHEN TO REGRIP With New Golf Club Grips

(As Recommended by Lamkin Grip)

  • Golf Club Grips should be replaced every 40 rounds or every 30 rounds if you’re spending a considerable amount of time at the practice range
  • Regardless of rounds played, Golf Club Grips should always be replaced at the first sign of noticeable wear, including:
    • Smooth, hard surfaces
    • Cracks
    • Shiny patches
    • Wear spots, especially where the thumbs make contact
    • Faded or bare spots on grips that have been painted or have logos
    • Complete loss of tack
  • Consider replacing your grips if the stock grips on your clubs aren’t the right size. We offer Undersize, Standard, Midsize and Oversize grips in a number of styles and colors. 

Improperly sized grips, grips that aren’t suited for certain weather conditions, grips that don’t enhance playing ability and grips that are simply worn-out and slick will negatively impact your game and cost you strokes. Comfort, consistency, shot dispersion and shot distance can all be improved with new golf club  grips.

At Kona Golf Sales, we offer a wide variety of size, material and style options to suit the needs of all golfers, regardless of age, gender, playing conditions (weather), handicap or rounds played. 

We have Golf Club Grips available from $2.50 each *

We have various styles of Golf Club Grips from Pure Grips, Swing Science, Golf Pride, Lamkin, Champ, Star, Royal, available in stock.

We can install  your Golf Club Grips for you, usually while you wait. We always suggest you call ahead to avoid disappointment.


*Cash and Carry , installation available

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project x evenflow shafts now in stock

Project X EvenFlow




We are pleased to offer the latest Project X handcrafted premium golf shafts.

EvenFlow’s revolutionary “even” bend profile transfers shaft load more efficiently throughout the swing to create maximum energy release at impact. The result is a powerful flow of energy that feels smooth while delivering gnarly distance, making EvenFlow the ultimate compliment to the Project X HZRDUS line.

Project x EvenFlow Blue features a mid-spin and mid-launch profile.

These shafts come with stepless design, frequency matching and loading zone – unique features that optimize the flex distribution and energy transfer without sacrificing control, giving you a higher level of golfing performance.

If you are looking for Performance and Smooth feel from tip to butt consider the EvenFlow Blue.

While every composite shaft bearing the Project X name is made to the same exacting standards and specifications, Project X Hand Crafted shafts are produced exclusively in our R&D lab in San Diego, CA.  For Hand Crafted shafts, each layer of material is hand cut and individually hand rolled and the cosmetic and logo application is done entirely by hand, making the entire process truly “Hand Crafted”. This intimate practice demands the highest attention to detail and limits lab production to roughly 50 shafts per day – making Project X Hand Crafted the industry pinnacle of composite shaft excellence and exclusivity!

These are being played by several top pros including Adam Scott, Ernie Els, and several others.

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