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Our Goal

To bring the best quality golf club equipment to club builders (and golfers) of all levels and ultimately offer each and every customer the best game that they can possibly have. It is our feeling that quality products and services like ours, coupled with quality Certified golf club building will give the average golfer the best chances for his / her game to be the best it can be !
Our Goal

We offer quality golf club components, repairs and other services for our local clientele.

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Pinhawk Golf Club Components

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Our Most Popular Lines :

Wishon Golf 

Since 1986 when Tom first began to design cgolf club components, the products created by him have consistently led the golf equipment industry in innovation. Today  Tom Wishon is a leading designer of single length golf clubs.

Pinhawk Golf has been In the golf industry for nearly 2 decades – designing, manufacturing, and retailing golf clubs and golf club  components to clubmakers. Pinhawk Golf is a leader  in  One Length Golf Iron Technology

Krank Golf , for over 17 years, has been developing and refining the art of golf driver design. Born in the Sport of Long Drive, Krank now sell 95% of their product to everyday golfers

Founded in 2001, Star Grip has been manufacturing golf grips in the USA for over 20 years. Made from their proprietary StarTack® rubber compound, they offer unmatched quality, performance, and consistency.. 

Nunchuk Golf Shafts are available for Drivers, Fairway, Hybrids and irons.

With its Tri-Zonal Stability™ (TZS) technology, golfers will experience unparalleled consistency, accuracy and performance.

One shaft model for all players – Pros, Amateurs, Juniors and Seniors

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